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May 16, 2024

Summer Fun at Fernbank, Curated for Adults

Most people know there are a lot of ways to have fun at Fernbank. And adults (in case you didn’t already know), the fun at Fernbank includes plenty of cool experiences for you, too. 

Taking selfies with dinosaurs, launching rockets, discovering fossils in the floors, shell hunting, star gazing, meeting live animal ambassadors, traversing the rope bridge, traveling to the third dimension, and so many other experiences await.  

PRO TIP: Adults visiting without children often enjoy afternoon visits. This is when the audience mix tends to be more adults, fewer families than in the mornings.  

Wait, but there’s more! Here’s a list of more ways adults can follow their curiosity to find fun and adventure at Fernbank. 

If NIGHTTIME EXPERIENCES are what you have in mind, check these out:

(Dates vary) 

Calling all night owls! If your day starts at sunset, or your status is set to “unavailable” during the day, head to Fernbank after work, after school and after hours. 

Fernbank After Dark  

Experience the museum after hours during these Adult Science Nights, featuring full access to the Museum and WildWoods, along with live music, special activities, drinks, bites and more.  


  • This event is for ages 21+ only 

Fernbank…but Later  

Discover Fernbank’s new summer series that is fun for all ages. Adults will enjoy the special activities, bites + drinks, and curated musical playlist at night, and can also invite their favorite companions who aren’t yet 21 for a night of fun, too! Enjoy the fun experiences Fernbank has to offer in the daytime, but at night! 


  • College students, adults and families with tweens and teens: This is a great way to experience Fernbank at night. 
  • Also perfect for tourists and city explorers who want to use your CityPASS* after hours. 

NEW TO DO: Check out these Limited-Time Summer Exhibits  

(Dates vary) 

Day or night (see above), Fernbank has a variety of limited-time exhibits to explore this summer, including both indoor and outdoor programming. Bonus: You never know when science is going to make you win at trivia. 

Flora, Fauna & Flight  

Discover how plants and animals defy gravity through flight in this artistic outdoor exhibit along the nature walkways in WildWoods. 

A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature 

Get lost and find fun in this interactive and immersive indoor exhibit, featuring a-MAZE-ingly fun interactives that inspire you to view the world in a new way, including a dramatic mirror maze that exposes the mathematical patterns within nature. 

Forest Forms 

Walk alongside 18 larger-than-life metal sculptures of flowers and animals in this outdoor exhibit featuring metal sculptures of foxes, flowers, rabbits and more. 

Golden Opportunity: Botanical Illustration 

Showcasing both art and science, artwork and other displays in this indoor exhibit highlight the color yellow in plants, flowers and pigments. Planning to bring your headphones or earbuds? Add Coldplay to your playlist...“and it was all yellow.” 

GIMME A BREAK: Cool off, Sit Down, Watch a 3D Movie  

(Dates vary) 

With so much to do, you can probably use a quick break (and maybe a KitKat bar from the vending machine). The Giant Screen Theater transports you to another dimension through 3D technology and immersive drama on a 4 story-high screen. Check out our summer 3D films: 


Meet the GOAT (Greatest of all Tyrannosaurs) in this film that puts you face-to-face with the king of dinosaurs.

The Superhuman Body 

“Alright, alright, alright...” Open your eyes to science and your ears to Matthew McConoughey as you discover the incredible technologies and medical advances that are transforming the future of human health. 

The Arctic: Our Last Great Wilderness 

Journey into a world that has remained wild and untamed, where polar bears, musk oxen, wolves, migratory birds and other wildlife thrive. 

WONDER AND WANDER: Get Outside and Explore the Great Outdoors 

 Smithsonian Magazine recommends Fernbank as one of Seven Places to Get Outside.  

Escape to the embrace of nature in Fernbank Forest, an old-growth forest in the heart of the city that stretches across 65 acres. With the towering tree canopy, the forest can be up to 10 degrees cooler than other surrounding areas and is a great place for birdwatching, forest bathing/mindfulness, exploring the native flora and fauna of Atlanta, and so much more. WildWoods combines the immersion of nature with exhibits, displays and educational activities for all ages (with the benefit of restrooms). Oh, and that rope bridge we mentioned above, you’ll find it here! 


Adulting can be hard. Find fun (and your inner child) at Fernbank this summer. Plan your visit. 

*CityPASS may be used for one of the Fernbank...but Later events in lieu of a daytime general admission ticket. All other CityPASS policies apply.