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November 07, 2023

Top 10 Wedding Photos at Fernbank Museum

Most people think of Fernbank as a great destination for exploring and learning about science, nature and human culture. But did you know Fernbank is also a great place to host a spectacular event? Weddings at Fernbank create some of the most amazing photo opportunities. See below for some of our favorites. 

#1 - Under the Dinosaurs 

The Great Hall is the centerpiece of Fernbank, with its 86-foot-high glass ceiling and some of the world’s largest dinosaurs. What better way to show the greatness of your love? 

Credit: Second to Nunn Photo

#2 – A Ceremony Under the Stars 

The Star Gallery features dramatic mood lighting and a ceiling full of twinkling stars – a perfect spot for a ceremony, dinner or cocktails. 

Credit: My Life Photo

#3 – The Elegant Stephensen Hall 

The dramatic columns set a perfect stage for your ceremony, with large arching windows offering plenty of natural light to make you and your guests look amazing. 

Credit: Second to Nunn Photo

#4 – Take it Outside! 

The Dinosaur Plaza lets you enjoy the fresh air and our beautifully landscaped grounds. A dinosaur fountain puts the cherry on top of your ceremony or cocktail hour.

Credit: Garter + Whiskey

#5 – Dramatic Dinner 

The Great Hall shines once again and becomes a dramatic backdrop for your seated dinner. This photo goes to show that even some of the largest dinosaurs can be dwarfed by our three-story ceilings. 

Credit: Drew Newman

#6 – Tree Pod Romance 

Our tree pods in WildWoods set the perfect backdrop for one-of-a-kind wedding photos. 

Credit: Crystal Anne Photo

#7 – A Great Hall Kiss 

Despite being around giant dinosaurs, all eyes will be on you! 

Credit: Marc + Anna Portfolio

#8 – Dramatic Night with the Dinosaurs 

The Dinosaur Plaza takes a backstage to your shining selves in this twilight photo shoot. 

Credit: Ashley Nicole Photo

#9 – All Eyes on Giganotosaurus 

Bright lights, big dino! This photo perfectly encapsulates a lively dinner and the reason you chose Fernbank for your venue. 

Credit: Drew Newman

#10 – A Bright Future 

Eschew the traditional rice or birdseed and give your guests sparklers to line the walkway while you leave for your first night as a married couple! 

Credit: Jenny Loo Photography

Honorable Mention 

Our lovely Terrace overlooks the tree canopy of WildWoods and sets a great mood for any event, reception or ceremony. 

Credit: Fernbank Museum 

Is Love in the Air for you? It’s easy to fall for Fernbank Museum’s elegance, charm and unique qualities when planning your rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony or reception. Learn about hosting a wedding (or other types of events) here: