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November 13, 2023

Fernbank's Weather Guide

Stay dry, cool down or feel the sun beam on your face – Fernbank is the perfect destination no matter the weather. Plan a visit any day of the year to experience your next science adventure. Many of Fernbank’s experiences are great no matter the weather but here is some inspiration when the weather is good, bad and anything in between!

Cold days

No hat and gloves are needed for these engaging experiences! Stay warm and explore these hands-on exhibits that will fill your day with dinosaurs, the science of rockets and more: 

Enjoy salads, sandwiches, coffee and pizza as you stay warm in Fernbank Café.

Rainy days 

You can visit and stay all day! Explore science exhibits and travel to different places and spaces through a movie in the Giant Screen Theater. Stay out of the rain and explore: 

Umbrellas are available in the Museum Store. 

Warm, sunny and perfect weather days 

Get outside and enjoy the weather with fresh air, gentle breezes and great views as you explore 75 acres of outdoor adventures. Make the most of the great weather by enjoying these outdoor experiences:   

  • Fernbank Forest 
  • WildWoods, including Adventure Outpost and Nature Stories  
  • Look for special stops in WildWoods, including animal tracks along the ground, a series of sweet gum sculptures and photo frames in the Nature Gallery, a nature-themed sensory wall, and more!
  • Dinosaur Plaza 
  • Outdoor Special Exhibits 
  • Look for info on some of the best seasonal nature sightings (wildflowers, birds and more) at the Kandeda Pavilion in WildWoods 

Always visit the Calendar of Events to learn about events and activities perfect for rain, sun, warm and cold weather