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July 03, 2024

A 2022 Discovery Inspired Fernbank's Newest Giant Screen Film


Did you know our newest giant screen film T. REX is inspired by a true story that took place recently?

Three young boys in 2022, while wandering in the North Dakota Badlands, discovered a Tyrannosaurus rexbone. The bone was found in the Hell Creek Formation, a region that covers multiple states and has boasted some of the most well-preserved T. rex fossils in history, including those of Sue, which can be seen at the Field Museum in Chicago.

The film crew behind T. REX were there to capture the unearthing of the fossil, and now you can see it for yourself, and learn all about the tyrant lizard king, when you catch T. REX in the Giant Screen Theater!

Click here to read the full article from AP News.


Now playing daily in the Giant Screen Theater. Watch the trailer below!