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April 08, 2024

Explore Booze and Botanicals at Fernbank After Dark

From the garden to your glass, discover the power of flowers at Fernbank After Dark: Booze and Botanicals on April 12 from 7 –11 p.m. Look forward to exploring the intoxicating uses of botanicals, special exhibits and more.  

As the flowers start blooming throughout Atlanta, what better way to celebrate the spring than to learn about how certain flowers and herbs are used in the creation of some of our favorite spirits and cocktails. We will have a wide variety of signature cocktails available for purchase as well as delicious pairing appetizers.  

We have chosen a few cocktails to highlight as their botanical ingredients will tantalize your tastebuds:  

Wild Hibiscus Cosmo  

The Wild hibiscus Cosmo gives a slight floral twist to an old-time favorite. Our cocktail is made with the award-winning Old Fourth Distillery Vodka combined with orange, cranberry, lime and hibiscus to give it a subtly sweet taste coupled with a bit of a tang from the lime.  

Elderflower Margarita  

The Elderflower Margarita is a sweet and citrusy drink which makes it perfect for springtime. The ingredients include tequila, elderflower and lime.  

We have various cocktails to choose from as well as select wines, spirits and beers. All drinks will be available for purchase.  

Don’t worry, we have so much more to enjoy!  

Activities to look forward to:  

  • Are you a wine connoisseur? Test your knowledge to see if you know which aroma matches which wine.  
  • What are we eating? Find out which parts of plants are common items on our dinner plates and if they are roots, seeds, or leaves.  
  • Put your thinking caps on and get ready to explore the unique history of booze and botanicals in our fun trivia game.  

NOW OPEN: Flora, Fauna and Flight 

Discover how plants and animals defy gravity through flight in this artistic outdoor exhibit along the nature walkways in WildWoods.  

CLOSING MAY 5: Spiders – From Fear to Fascination  

Explore more than 250 live and preserved spiders in this interactive exhibit. Gain a web of knowledge about spider anatomy, reproduction and growth, webs and silk, spider senses, and much more. 

If you are looking for things to do in Atlanta on Friday nights, Fernbank After Dark is the perfect night out for an adult science night. This event is 21+ and ID is required for entrance. Please click here to get tickets: Fernbank After Dark: Booze and Botanicals