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Cities of the Future

Coming Soon Aug. 30

Run time: 40 minutes

Cities of the Future invites audiences to step into the future and discover exciting innovations that engineers are working on right now to help meet the challenges of a changing world.

Cities of the Future explores a world where everything is possible and problems can be solved. From aerial highways and flying air taxis to cities powered entirely by solar energy, smart buildings designed to save electricity, and greener infrastructure, this family-friendly film offers an inspiring vision of how we will live 50 years from now.   No, this isn’t science fiction — this is the world engineers are designing now!  

Travel to Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Singapore and more, where profound change is already happening as you meet the engineers and visionaries whose human ingenuity is forging a brighter, more sustainable future that will change how we live forever.

Narrated by critically acclaimed actor John Krasinski, Cities of the Future is produced by MacGillivray Freeman Films in partnership with the American Society of Civil Engineers, the same award-winning team that created the blockbuster film Dream Big: Engineering Our World.

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