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October 03, 2023

Fernbank Museum’s most photo-worthy places

Did you know that most people feel more connected and closer to their friends and families when looking back at old photos? In the era of social media, what better way to commemorate a lasting memory than with an exciting photo at an exciting place! Here are nine spots at Fernbank where you can capture memories that will last a lifetime.

  • Dinosaur Plaza

Fernbank’s Dinosaur Plaza is at the museum entrance and is the greeting place for dinosaur lovers. The bronze dinosaurs are  Lophorhoton atopus, which once lived in the region that is now Georgia. Get your camera ready because this is only the first stop in Fernbank’s World of Wow.

  • Giants of Mesozoic & the Great Hall

Stand beneath some of the world’s largest dinosaurs as you enter this snapshot of life in prehistoric Patagonia. Take turns posing in front of an epic battle scene between Giganotosaurus and Argentinosaurus in the three-story Great Hall. Use the stairs and upper levels to get different angles!

  • The WildWoods Entrance Arch

Before you get ready to explore WildWoods in all its glory, take a moment to capture a photo in front of the beautifully built arch right at the entrance. You won’t regret it! The amazing view of the greenery and trees is unlike any other. WildWoods leads you on elevated walkways through the treetops to different interactive exhibits for all ages to enjoy.

  • The tree pods in WildWoods

Searching for a tree top view? Fernbank should be your first stop! In WildWoods, two tree pods representing a tulip poplar bud and a fern, give you a stunning view and of course the perfect photo background. If you didn’t Instagram it, were you really there?

  • Fernbank Forest

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. Located just minutes from the heart of the city is Fernbank Forest, a 65-acre old-growth forest that has more than two miles of winding hiking paths. Get a chance to take photos of dozens of native species, hear bird calls, walk among trees towering above you, and admire beautiful greenery along the way. Take a selfie for scale among the 150-foot-tall trees.

  • A Walk-Through Time in Georgia (Dinosaur Gallery)

Ever wondered about Georgia and what it once looked like? The journey through time starts here. Explore the sights and sounds of Georgia’s main regions and see what Georgia looked like once upon a time. There are so many photo-worthy spots in this exhibit, but our favorite area is of course the Dinosaur Gallery. Pose in front of life-sized models of dinosaurs, murals, skeletons and so much more.

  • Nature Quest 

Another popular photo spot is our immersive experience NatureQuest. Kids turn into explorers, scientists and adventurers while discovering the many wonders of the outdoors - indoors! Don’t worry, your kids will actually want to take pictures here.

  • Fantastic Forces

Learn about science while having fun? Who would have thought that? Fernbank did! Fantastic Forces offers fun learning opportunities for all; whether you're learning about electricity and earthquakes, or pulling yourself up using physics, make sure you look good while doing it because you are going to want a photo of this.

Fernbank offers fun times with your friends and family while also being one of Atlanta’s most Instagram-able places. Enjoy your journey into Fernbank’s exciting world of wow and be sure to tag us on social media - @FernbankMuseum and #FernbankMuseum.