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Today’s Hours: 10am – 5pm
Robots Day 2018

Robots Day

Saturday, June 23, 2018, from 10am – 2pm

Get up close with real robots to investigate artificial intelligence and enjoy crafts, activities and demonstrations with local robotics groups.

Scheduled Activities*

Robot Arm Creation: Popsicle Stick Edition
Join this building station led by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers to create a functioning robot arm that can reach and grip.
Presented by IEEE K-12

G3: The Grady High School's Robotics Team
Meet Grady High School’s 2017 competition robot and learn how you can build a robot of your own in different robotic programs like Drones for Good and the First Lego League.

Watch and learn about Hello-Robo’s new robots as they demonstrate all the cool things they can do.

Meet MAKI-edu, an open-source humanoid robot that can search the web, suggest news stories and play your favorite YouTube videos.

Atlanta STEM
Join the Atlanta S.T.E.M. Foundation as they investigate the growing issues of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in society from a different perspective.

Team EVE
Meet this all-girls First Technology Competition (FTC) team and learn about tabletop robots they’ve built.

Georgia Tech Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines
Interact with amazing robots, learn about robotic technologies and take home a deck of GT’s 2018 robot trading cards.

Robot Blocks
Mix and match robot blocks to create a life-size bionic buddy.

Cost: Included with Museum admission. Members free.

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*Activities are offered in the Great Hall from 10am – 2pm unless otherwise noted and are subject to change without notice.