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Fernbank Museum of Natural History is one of the oldest conservation non-profit organization in the country and has been committed to green practices since its first goal to preserve and protect Fernbank Forest in 1938. Fernbank Museum conducts ongoing stewardship of Fernbank Forest, including the recent completion of the first-ever Forest Stewardship Plan, which was peer-reviewed by more than 20 scientific stakeholders.

Fernbank’s other sustainability practices include an extensive onsite recycling program, encompassing both office supplies and public consumables, and practices water conservation through the use of ultra-low flow toilets, automatic faucets and xeriscaping. Further, the Museum actively educates the public on ways they can practice sustainability through educational programs and exhibits and by fostering a greater appreciation for the environment. Fernbank is proud to partner with organizations that improve our community through sustainability programs. For example, Novelis’ Life of a Can recycling program empowers elementary students to explore the never-ending life cycle of a recycled aluminum can.

Fernbank Museum recently received a Grants to Green Assessment, which will allow the Museum to continue to identify ways to operate more efficiently and further reduce its carbon footprint. This program will help Fernbank lead the way for institutional environmental sustainability in the community.

Launched in 2008, Grants to Green gives nonprofits the opportunity to renovate or build healthier work places that are energy and water efficient and environmentally efficient and provides environmentally focused knowledge and funding to strengthen nonprofits in the Atlanta region. The founding partners of Grants to Green are The Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta providing expertise in grantmaking, and Southface providing expertise in energy efficiency.

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