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Virtual Classroom Programs

Life Stories: Plants and Animals

Explore the world of plants and animals in a fun, interactive way. Through stories, audience participation and live animal encounters, your students will learn about the basic needs of plants and animals and their life cycles.

The World Above US

What can we see when we observe the sky? Many things fill the world above us; from rain to planes and from stars to things near and far! Journey up, up, and away through Earth’s atmosphere and into space to discover the ways objects seen in the sky affect our planet and people.

Paleo Journey

What can fossils teach us about Earth’s past? How do they further our understanding of the landforms we know today? Through the use of visuals, models, and fossils, students will learn the answers to these and other paleontological questions in this minds-on program.

Living Wild

Discover the wonders of the animal kingdom as you meet members of Fernbank’s live animal collection. Insects, reptiles and amphibians will help your students understand habitats, adaptations, and the important roles these animals play in the environment. Our animal ambassadors will inspire your students to appreciate and protect the natural world.

Explosive Earth

Witness the awesome power of planet Earth and discover what goes on beneath the surface to create awe-inspiring volcanoes and earthquakes. Using demonstration and discussion, students will explore what drives these geologic events and learn more about the role of plate tectonics in shaping our planet.

Georgia’s Natural Regions

Discover the history and diversity of our state’s regions and their unique natural resources. Through discussion, demonstration and a live animal presentation, students are entertained and enlightened as they learn about our remarkable state and its ecosystems.

Weather Wonders

Weather is around us all the time, but how much do we really understand the processes behind the wind, rain and sun of daily life? Explore the wild world of weather through demonstrations and discussion. Students will discover why weather changes, how clouds form and extreme weather events…all without getting wet.

Making Georgia Home

Learn about the people who have made Georgia home and shaped it into the place it is today. Starting from pre-historic time through modern Georgia, students will explore Georgia's history through the perspective of the people who built the state.

Reflections of Culture

Explore world cultures through an examination of personal adornment, including jewelry, costumes, and body modification. Students will gain a better understanding of cultural diversity and how people use personal adornment or ornamentation to communicate social, political and economic information about themselves and the societies in which they live.

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