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Field Trips

Field Trips

Hovering in mid-air and surviving crushing depths where sunlight is absent may sound like science fiction, but organisms around the globe tackle these challenges every day. Nature’s Superheroes: Life at the Limits provides a glimpse into the extraordinary talents and adaptations employed to meet the challenges of life on Earth. 

This engaging multisensory opportunity will allow students to explore how organisms reproduce, move, eat, breathe, sense and thrive in the most extreme of habitats and how uniquely they have adapted for survival.

Nature’s Superheroes covers a range of science topics including biology, ecology, evolution, physiology and zoology. Students of all ages will enjoy the interactive activities, videos and vibrant models and scenery throughout the exhibit. 

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Nature’s Superheroes: Life at the Limits is organized by the American Museum of Natural History, New York (

Sponsored in part by The Frances Wood Wilson Foundation and Isdell Family Foundation.