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Fantastic Forces

New STEM Exhibit

Explore combustion, aerodynamics, plate tectonics and more in Fantastic Forces, a new STEM exhibit now open at Fernbank. Activities highlight the science of rockets, tornadoes, earthquakes, liquefaction, lightning, planetary orbits, gravity, centripetal force and more. Build a wax volcano, witness the power of a tornado, launch aircraft and more in this new hands-on, minds-on exhibit. Find out how you can make Fantastic Forces part of your next field trip

Interactive stations offer opportunities for all ages—especially adults and older children—to engage with the forces that govern our planet:

  • Pull Yourself Up—Experiment with mechanical advantage by raising themselves up using different pulley systems.
  • Blast Off—Manipulate air pressure to launch rockets.
  • Twist it Up—Create a funnel similar to those created by wind in a tornado.
  • Tug of War—Use a lever to gain a mechanical advantage.
  • Take to the Sky—Use a model airplane or bird to explore the forces of flight.
  • Super Charged—Take an inside look at lightning.
  • Sinking Feeling—Explore what happens when solid soil becomes liquid through liquefaction.
  • Shake it Up—Harness the power of an earthquake to explore building engineering.
  • Spin Out—Test the power of centripetal force and friction by experimenting with objects on a turntable.
  • Defying Gravity—Use balls and flowers to explore air pressure and lift.
  • Up, Up and Away—Experiment with aerodynamics using objects of different shapes and sizes.
  • Into the Vortex—Explore gravitational pull and planetary orbits with balls, coins and a funnel.
  • Explosive Earth—Use melted wax to form a shield volcano.

Cost: Free with museum admission and CityPASSMembers free

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