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WildWoods: AGLOW Frequently Asked Questions

For questions regarding WildWoods: AGLOW, please see our Frequently Asked Questions below. For further questions, feel free to contact

Q. Is WildWoods: AGLOW family friendly?
A. Yes. This is an experience that children, adults and seniors will enjoy. Once a month,  WildWoods: AGLOW coincides with Fernbank After Dark, when it will be offered to ages 21 and over only, with an adults-only atmosphere on Dec. 9, 2022; Jan. 13, 2023; and Feb. 10, 2023.

Q. Is this a holiday lights  experience?  
A. WildWoods: AGLOW is a nature-themed experience and makes a great activity for any occasion, featuring glowing scenes, beautiful music compositions and Instagram-worthy photo ops that reveal the beauty of nature — from nocturnal animals to blooming flowers and from glowing mushrooms to growing trees.

Q. Are strollers permitted?
A. Strollers are permitted but not encouraged due to some areas of uneven terrain and steps. Strollers should use the marked alternate routes in those areas to maintain accessibility.

Q. How do the timed tickets work?
A. Timed tickets allow guests to select a specific date and entry time for their visit to provide an enjoyable experience with minimal crowding. Entry is available every 30 minutes.

Q. How do I enter WildWoods: AGLOW?
A. Please enter through the main museum entrance and proceed to the Box Office to have your ticket(s) scanned, then proceed down one floor (to the Lower Level) for access to   WildWoods: AGLOW. An elevator is available for those who need it.

Q. Are discounted tickets offered to members?
A. Yes! Members receive discounts on all admission dates and times and should purchase tickets online to receive the best price. General admission member passes are not valid for WildWoods: AGLOW.

Q. Can I purchase tickets at the door?
A. We recommend that you purchase online tickets in advance. A limited number of tickets may be available at the Box Office if they are not sold out. Tickets purchased over the phone or in person will not receive the discounted online price and are subject to fees totaling up to $4 per ticket.

Q. How long should I expect to spend touring the experience?
A. Guests are encouraged to tour the experience at their own pace . Please allow approximately one hour to enjoy the sights and sounds of WildWoods: AGLOW. We also invite you to enjoy the gathering area in the Great Hall, where snacks and beverages (including beer, wine and canned cocktails) are available for purchase.

Q. Will the Museum Store be open during WildWoods: AGLOW?
A. Yes. The main Museum Store will be open. Please remember Fernbank is a cashless facility. Credit and debit cards only.

Q. Does this ticket include access to exhibits, Fernbank Forest and The Giant Screen Theater?
A. WildWoods: AGLOW is an outdoor evening experience specific to WildWoods and separate from daytime admission. Access to indoor exhibits, Fernbank Forest and films will not be available.

Q. What if it rains or there are other weather events?
A. WildWoods: AGLOW is an outdoor experience offered rain or shine. If rain is in the forecast, please bring an umbrella or rain gear. Fernbank reserves the right to cancel or close this experience due to unsafe weather conditions, including but not limited to lightning, ice, strong winds or power loss.

Q. Will food and beverages be available for purchase?
A. Light snacks and beverages will be available for purchase. The   current food menu includes cotton candy, popcorn, a charcuterie box and more. Guests can choose from an extensive drink menu including sodas, beers, wines and canned cocktails. Debit and credit cards only.

Q. Can I touch or interact with the light displays?
A. Many areas of WildWoods: AGLOW react to visitors’ actions without the need to touch the interactive components. Please do not climb on, touch or push the displays.

Q. Is this experience featured in Fernbank Forest?
A. This experience is offered in WildWoods, the 10 acres of woodlands immediately behind the museum. It does not impact Fernbank Forest, which will not be open during WildWoods: AGLOW.

Q. Will this experience impact wildlife?
A.    We considered this when designing WildWoods: AGLOW. We have worked extensively with our ecologist to ensure that this does not increase our footprint of activity in WildWoods and does not impact Fernbank Forest. The experience is scheduled during fall/winter months, so light does not have the same effect as in summer months when many animals, especially insects, which are most affected by light, are highly active. Also, we are using existing infrastructure by leveraging and tapping into existing paths, structures, electricity, etc. Fernbank approached this project with a respect and appreciation for the land, nature and habitats. Our ecologist guides recommendations for any project to avoid critical root zones, minimize environmental impact and conserve our living collections.