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Journey to Space

On View October 8, 2022-January 1, 2023

Get a hands-on, climb-aboard experience at what it takes to travel to, work in and live surrounded by space in this transformative special exhibition. Explore the vacuum of space, radiation, meteoroids, and temperature extremes of this extraordinary environment aboard an orbiting space station.

Through games, multimedia components, and interactive exhibits, learn how astronauts eat, sleep, and even go to the bathroom in space.

Presented in English and Spanish. Includes Audio Descriptions for guests who are blind or visually impaired at


Exhibit Highlights

Man at control panel
  • Experience hands-on opportunities that explore the science of getting to space
  • Experiment with water rockets to reveal the physics of spacecraft launches
  • Use drop towers to investigate how familiar objects behave differently in the weightless environment of space
  • Operate a robotic arm to understand the challenges of working in space.

Cost: Included with general admission, free for members, and free with CityPASS

Field trip opportunities are available to view Journey to Space. Learn more.

That’s not all! Located in Lab B, our new family fun exhibit: Sun, Earth, Universe, has more hands-on activities to help you learn about our closest stars, planets, the universe and how they interact.

The Sun, Earth, Universe exhibit invites guests to design and test their own model space crafts, explore the surface of Mars with toy rovers, use real science tools to reveal information that’s invisible to the human eye and more!