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On View April 2 – Aug. 28, 2022

Explore the stories and science of habitats, and the plants, animals, and humans that call them home in this new outdoor exhibit. The elevated walkway into WildWoods leads guests through a tour of the natural world. Set against the backdrop of a thriving forest found just minutes from the heart of downtown Atlanta, this new exhibit invites guests to travel “through” habitats and biomes found around the globe and explore the importance of preserving these natural communities through large-scale sculptures of animals, nests, flowers and more, created in partnership with local artists.

This special outdoor exhibit is located in WildWoods.

Cost: Included with museum admission. Members FREE.

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Bug sculpture

Exhibit Highlights

Dragon fly
  • Nests displays massive eagle’s and oriole’s nests recreations are found, as well as other types of nests. Recreated by local Atlanta artist Laura Lewis.
  • Bug B&B houses multiple larger-than-life insect sculptures such as a praying mantis, grasshopper and a caterpillar with chrysalis. Other smaller-scale sculptures include two bee sculptures and a butterfly-with-flower sculpture; created respectively by Allen Peterson and Laura Lewis.
  • Monarch and Meadows features monarch butterfly sculptures and two butterfly photo-ops with Georgia’s state butterfly, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail, and with a monarch butterfly.
  • Life in the Balance, Biomes explores the plants, animals and other organisms that call four distinct biomes home: Rainforest, Desert, Tundra and Aquatic.

Habitat was developed by Smithsonian Gardens and is made available by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service.

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