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Vikings: Warriors of the Sea

October 7, 2023 – January 1, 2024

Vikings: blood-thirsty plunderers or misunderstood explorers, farmers, traders and highly skilled craftsmen?

Decide for yourself!  Explore Viking culture, society and technology as you may never have known it. Discover Viking art, traditions, beliefs, political power and overall Viking lifestyle.

Featuring impressive archaeological discoveries, Vikings: Warriors of the Sea sheds new light on the   Viking Age, dispelling long-held stereotypes about its people, traditions and influence. Vikings, while known for being raiders and warriors, were also a civilization of many talents, including brilliant innovations like sturdy, light-weight ships, and beautiful jewelry. This exhibit features 140 authentic artifacts to give a well-rounded view of Viking culture, including jewelry, keys, weapons, silver hoards, and brooches.

Vikings: Warriors of the Sea is also available after-hours with WildWoods: AGLOW tickets.

Exhibit Highlights

  • A full-size replica of a Viking ship
  • Personal equipment and weapons of the Viking warrior 
  • Viking artifacts, including an amber eye mask, currency, a golden brooch, a Cammin Casket and more.
  • A Norse board game  for guests to play  
  • Replicas of the Åby crucifix and Jelling Stone as a discussion of Viking religious beliefs.

“Vikings: Warriors of the Sea” has been produced in partnership by the National Museum of Denmark and MuseumsPartner in Austria.

Sponsored locally in part by Delta Air Lines, Genuine Parts Company and Romanoff Renovations. Additional support is provided by the Frances Wood Wilson Foundation, Inc.