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Special Exhibitions

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Whales: Giants of the Deep
On view February 15 – August 24, 2014 

Journey to the vibrant underwater world of the mightiest animals on Earth in this NEW special exhibtion. Featuring more than 20 stunning whale skulls, life-size models, exhibit interactives and more, Whales: Giants of the Deep allows visitors explore the magnificent world of whales, inside and out. The highlight of the exhibition is a skeleton of a 58-foot sperm whale.
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Birds of the Bali Aviary
On view February 15 – August 24, 2014

Inspired by magazines including Life and National Geographic, photographer Frank Sharp developed a passion for both photography and travel. During his travels, he’s used his camera to record the cultures, landscapes and animals he’s encountered. This exhibition features color photos taken in the Taman Burung Bali Bird Park, situated in the Papua rainforest in southern Bali, Indonesia. The park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Indonesia’s endangered wildlife and also includes species from Africa, Australia and the Americas.

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Goose Bumps! The Science of Fear
Opens September 27, 2014

Immersive and engaging hands-on activities encourage visitors to experience fear in a safe and enjoyable environment while learning about the science of why we feel scared. The exhibition examines the difference between learned and instinctive fears, the physical changes we experience when we are afraid, and how some animals not only survive, but thrive in the wild by trusting their fear instincts. Fear has never been so much fun!
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Winter Wonderland
Opens November 21, 2014

This holiday-inspired exhibition features trees and other displays decorated by local cultural partners that recognize celebrations including Christmas, Hanukkah and the Festival of Lights, as well as traditions and practices like origami, indigenous art and national symbols.
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The Power of Poison
Opens February 7, 2015

Explore poison’s roles in nature, myth, and human health—as a defense against predators, source of strength, or lethal weapon-turned-lifesaving treatment. This new special exhibition uses models, objects, interactives and live animals to explore the biology of poison and its role in nature, human history, and health.
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All dates and titles subject to change.