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Current Restoration Work

Fernbank Forest is currently undergoing conservation work. During the first phases of this work, Fernbank Museum is temporarily suspending self-guided tours while we make improvements to the forest’s health.

Fernbank Forest needs help now after decades of attack by non-native invasive species. Invasive species cause serious threats to the future of the forest, including suffocating new growth of native trees and plants. The museum has set in motion several ambitious goals to restore this incredible forest to a thriving ecosystem.

Fernbank has spent the past two years working with scientists, ecologists, landscape architects, educators and other necessary partners to begin a profound restoration of Fernbank Forest. This includes the following achievements to date:

  • Completed a thorough ecological assessment
  • Completed a historical site evolution study
  • Compiled a list of species currently found in the forest
  • Developed the first-ever Forest Stewardship Plan
  • Secured the additional expertise of landscape architecture and ecological planning firms
  • Partnered with nationally recognized urban forest restoration ecologist, Dr. Steven Handel
  • Met with 23 scientific stakeholders
  • Met with 80+ neighbors to engage their active input and participation in restoration work
  • Partnered with Atlanta Audubon Society for Forest Bird Walks
  • Trained restoration volunteers to work with expert teams in the removal of non-native species