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Special Lecture

Marco Polo, Crusaders and Mongols: A Tale of Accidental Tourism
Dr. J. Maxwell Miller
Sunday, November 3 at 3pm, Auditorium

During the 12th and 13th centuries, two momentous historical developments unfolded at opposite ends of the Silk Road. European Crusaders marched eastward in successive attempts to recover the ‘Holy Land’ from Muslim rulers, while waves of Mongol warriors moved westward across Asia, eventually reaching Palestine. Marco Polo's travels spanned both worlds. Join us as Dr. Miller describes the geopolitical landscape that Marco Polo encountered and how it affected his travels along the Silk Road.

Cost: Included with Museum admission and free for Fernbank members.Seating is limited and reservations are required at 404.929.6400.

Arrive early to view the Marco Polo exhibition prior to the lecture (Noon – 5pm for self-guided exploration).

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